What is Gangnam Kimchi?

Gangnam Kimchi is your new favorite condiment. It is a mainstay in Korean cooking made of Napa cabbage that undergoes a fermentation process in a spicy and hearty brine. A simple recipe alone will not produce the authentic taste of Kimchi. Gangnam Kimchi believes in the magic of quality ingredients, beginning with fresh Napa cabbage to the Korean red pepper flakes that have been roasting under the Korean sun that captures the authentic taste of Kimchi. We carefully source and select our ingredients to deliver the freshest and most authentic flavors.

What are the nutritional benefits?

Gangnam Kimchi is made of Napa cabbage, roasted Korean red pepper, Korean spices and a salty brine. Ours is all natural, made without preservatives in small batch quantities. Kimchi is an excellent source of probiotics that come from the natural  lacto-fermentation process. It is also packed with vitamins K, C, and B6 and is also high in fiber, calcium, iron, and potassium helping us with conditions like inflammation and digestive issues.

How is it made?

Kimchi is made by lacto-fermentation, the same process that creates sauerkraut and traditional dill pickles. In the first stage, the vegetables are steeped in brine to kill off harmful bacteria. Then in the second stage, the remaining Lactobacillus bacteria converts sugars from the vegetable into lactic acid, which preserves the vegetables and gives them that special, tangy flavor. We then marinade the kimchi in our special blend of natural Korean spices and voila - you’ve got kimchi. We make our Gangnam Kimchi daily, fresh, and never with preservatives

Is it spicy?

Yes, but it is not supposed to be ghost pepper hot! It should be just spicy enough to add the perfect complement to your favorite dishes. Think of it as the distant cousin to sauerkraut, pickles, or giardiniera. The Korean culture introduces Kimchi to kids at a very young age. Great for immunity support and a healthy gut, kids and adults alike can benefit from this Korean superfood.

If spiciness is your concern, we have a non-spicy and vegan Sweet n Sour Kimchi for you to start with. You can eventually make your way up to our Classic Mild Kimchi which includes Korean roasted red pepper flakes which adds that distinctive peppery heat that’s not too spicy, but it’s jusssssst right. If heat is your thing, you will find yourself with our Traditional Spicy Kimchi that holds that picante-peppery, umami-filled, and deeply savory punch.  

how do I use it?

Kimchi is like a condiment to us —but better. Use it as a star ingredient, a topping on your bloody margarita, eat it with eggs and toast for breakfast. Need more inspiration? Check out our recipes on our blog.

How long does it last?

Traditionally before refrigeration, kimchi was buried underground in semi-porous earthenware jars throughout winter months. Kimchi is not true perishables as the raw active fermentation process accelerates production of lactobacillus, the bacteria that keep food safe as cold temperature helps control the active fermentation and pressure build up inside the jars. The longer kimchi ferments, the more sour the flavors will develop.

Although kimchi-enthusiasts will argue that kimchi never goes bad, we suggest consuming your kimchi within 2 weeks of opening your jar for peak flavor and taste.

My kimchi did not arrive cold. Is this bad?

No. We ship all kimchi orders with cold packs and insulated packaging to maintain the cold temperature during transit. Unless your shipment experiences long delays and other unforeseen circumstances, your kimchi did not go bad. You must refrigerate kimchi as soon as you receive it to ensure quality conditions and taste. Kimchi is not true perishables as the raw active fermentation process accelerates production of lactobacillus, the bacteria that keep food safe as cold temperature helps control the active fermentation and pressure build up inside the jars. The longer kimchi ferments, the more sour the flavors will develop.

The lid of the kimchi jar has popped off and/or looks puffed. Is it safe to eat?

Yes. Your kimchi continues to ferment during shipping as the pressure builds through this natural fermentation process.

If you have a glass jar, it is common for the lid to swell with pressure and sometimes leak. This is perfectly natural due to activity of lactobacillus production and gases and it is safe to consume the kimchi. If you purchased a plastic jar, we use a special patent technology on the peel back lids that allows for gases to escape but keeps the oxygen out. This ensures freshness and no leakage!

Use caution when opening the jar over the sink. Slowly open the lids with a paper towel as there pressure under the lid from active fermentation may build during transit from active fermentation. Please open lids slowly over the sink as the contents may spill out and overflow due to active fermentation. We do our best to prevent breakage or leakage during shipping, but as kimchi’s active natural fermentation continues during shipping, there is a possibility of leakage. This fermentation is perfectly natural and safe to eat.


My kimchi exploded out of the jar and is fizzing like soda. Is this normal?

Yes! 100% normal. Our kimchi is raw and unpasteurized which means that it will continue to ferment in the jar. Pressure builds inside the jar which cause contents to “blossom” out of the jar due to natural fermentation. Each batch and jar is unique as it is alive and not a heat pasteurized product. 

How to best store?

Keep refrigerated, close lid tightly, always use clean utensils --never double dip! Double dipping introduces bacteria to your fresh jar of Kimchi, which rapidly decreases the shelf life.

Once opened, consume within 30 days for the most delicious flavors of the peak ripened stage

Similar to cheese or sushi, Kimchi is meant to consumed quickly once it has been served. It is not meant to sit at room temps for long periods of time as it compromises freshness.

Do you offer any other sizes than what's currently available online?

Yes, we offer larger options of our kimchi. Please email to inquire about pricing for foodservice.

Can I buy it online?

Yes! Gangnam Kimchi is available for purchase online here.

Is it gluten free?

Gangnam Kimchi is naturally gluten free, soy free, dairy free, nut free, and vegetarian. All flavors except the Traditional Spicy are made vegan-friendly!

What if my question was not answered?

We try our best to provide as much information as possible, but if you have questions, we’ve got answers. Give us a holler at at